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Mrs Harrison and Child

Mrs Harrison and Child, Mallacoota, 1895 Dudley Le Souef 1856-1923 photographer Original imaged edited by Colin Dixon http://search.slv.vic.gov.au/permalink/f/1o9hq1f/SLV_VOYAGER1807912

SLSC SES Coast Guard

As you may know already, Life Saving Victoria (LSV) will be lobbying for our community as the emergency service responsible… Read more »

Tool Shed

BUNNINGS AND INDEPENDENT HARDWARE GROUP SUPPORT Many of you will recall that we put a call out on Facebook a… Read more »

Hash Tags

Hash Tags

I have been promoting #lovemallacoota from the web sites.  https://mallacoota2020.com.au/ and  this one,  with social media websites, it is getting quite… Read more »

Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson

Mallacoota BarHenry Lawson, 1910Curve of beaches like a horse-shoe, with a glimpse of grazing stock,To the left the Gabo Lighthouse,… Read more »